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Sushi Sushi was very sick when she was rescued by The Ark. One of our founders fostered her, and with constant, loving care kept her with us much longer than was believed possible. Her foster mom says “She was such a spit-fire and I will miss her mighty meow greatly. She was a force to be reckoned with and I hope that strong spirit comes back to us in a young, healthy body.” Sweet dreams Sushi.
Sasha Darling Sasha came to The Ark after years of neglect. Despite her spirit, Sasha’s body simply could not recover. She spent her last days in a loving home with people that tried everything to make her happy and comfortable. Rest now beautiful girl. No more pain, only peace.
Ranger Darling Ranger’s happy go lucky disposition made him loved by all that met him. Unfortunately, his past abuse left him with injuries that could not be repaired and, over time, began to cause him severe pain. Rescued from the shelter after being abandoned, he was welcomed by all at The Ark and spent his last days surrounded by the genuine affection he so deserved. Rest now, Ranger. You will be missed.
Spunky Spunky came aboard The Ark as a 14 year old streetwise tomcat.  He was always very affectionate, loved to "talk", and was blessed with an especially loud purr!  Spunky touched several hearts before he was diagnosed with terminal kidney failure.  In his last weeks, he was welcomed into one of our special foster families, where he received hospice care and lots of love.  These are their words: "Our darling Spunky was helped over the Rainbow Bridge today.  He was so much the fighter and we strongly believe his spirit wanted to stay but the body was not as willing.  This special boy will be dearly missed.  The room is so quiet without his incredible purr box."
Pilgrim Pilgrim was with The Ark for only a month.  He had never been well despite several vets trying their best to heal what ailed him.   This was not supposed to happen to a little one year old.  The Ark tried their best to give him a better life, it just wasn't to be.  Rest in peace sweet boy.
Freddie Freddie was an 11 year old Westie who was relinquished by his owner to the OC Shelter.  Freddie's skin was in terrible condition and when examined by one of The Ark's vets we were told that he had an advanced case of Cushings Disease, was infested with yeast and had an enlarged liver.  Freddie was suffering and would continue to suffer.  We were there for him, loving him and feeding him chicken as he went to the Rainbow Bridge.  No more suffering now, little one.
Ivana Ivana was a 9 year old Pomeranian whose body was much older than her years.  The Ark brought her on board in hopes of giving her a chance for better health and a better life.  She received much needed medical help, had her teeth cleaned and had her day at the beauty spa.  But more importantly she had more love and attention in her last few weeks than she has ever known.  We will see you again, wee one, in all your beauty . . . across the rainbow bridge.
Chopin Chopin was relinquished to The Ark by his original owner.  While he was with The Ark he was dearly loved by everyone.  We hoped that he would have had the opportunity to find that special home before crossing the rainbow bridge . . . but it wasn't to be.  We miss you little one.
Misty Misty never found her forever home but she was an integral part of her "foster" family and was loved as if she were their own.  We are so grateful to them for the extra care Misty needed to fight her losing battle against cancer.  We feel certain that the last few months of her life were the best she'd ever known.  Rest in peace dear Misty, we'll meet again someday, over the rainbow bridge.