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Since our first rescue in April of 2008,
The Ark has placed 272 animals in their new "forever homes"!

Clancy is now adopted! Clint is now adopted! Baxter is now adopted!
Cat Adoption Cat Adoption Dog Adoption
Dax is now adopted! Char is now adopted! Simba is now adopted! Clark is now adopted!
Cat Adoption Cat Adoption Dog Adoption Cat Adoption
Collette is now adopted! Missy is now adopted! Katrina is now adopted! Romo is now adopted!
Dog Adoption Dog Adoption Cat Adoption Cat Adoption
Ashley is now adopted! Amber is now adopted! Frosty is now adopted! Cassidy is now adopted!
Rescue Cat Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Dog Rescue Adoption
Raven is now adopted! Maya is now adopted! Dante is now adopted! Wink is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Dog Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Dog Rescue Adoption
Dargo is now adopted! Boris is now adopted! Blaze is now adopted! Boots is now adopted!
Dog Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Minnie is now adopted! Ozzy is now adopted! Tinkerbell is now adopted! Jasmine is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Donatello is now adopted! Patches is now adopted! Blush is now adopted! Bliss is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Blur is now adopted! Natasha is now adopted! Nugget is now adopted! Sage is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Nala is now adopted! April is now adopted! Snickers is now adopted! Sweetie is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Molly is now adopted! Dottie is now adopted! Isabelle is now adopted! Benjamin is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Rusty is now adopted! Samantha is now adopted! Roscoe is now adopted! Sylvester is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Blink is now adopted! Tebow is now adopted! Frodo is now adopted! Goblin is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Sargent is now adopted! Nelly is now adopted! Coco is now adopted! Mocha is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Ebony is now adopted! Celeste is now adopted! Jade is now adopted! Cheeto is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cheeto
Jenna is now adopted! Skippy Jon Jones is now adopted! Sophia is now adopted! Little Belle is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Gypsy is now adopted! Skye is now adopted! Joey is now adopted! Miss Milo is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption
Mia is now adopted! Louie is now adopted! Tiny Tim is now adopted! Shaw is now adopted!
Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Cat Rescue Adoption Shaq
Josie is now adopted!
Max is now adopted!
Pepper is now adopted!
Pallet is now adopted!
Star is now adopted!
Thomas is now adopted!
Cleo is now adopted!
Pickles is now adopted!
Rose Rose is now adopted!
Sally Sally is now adopted!
Venus, Serena, Steffi, and Nadal Venus and Serena are now adopted!
Kate Kate is now adopted!
Ashley Ashley is now adopted!
Dolly Dolly is now adopted!
Pansy Pansy is now adopted!
Michael Michael is now adopted!
Steffi Steffi is now adopted!
Lu-Lu Lu-Lu is now adopted! 
Clinton Clinton is now adopted! 
Stacey Stacey is now adopted! 
Hercules Hercules is now adopted! 
Nadal Nadal is now adopted! 
Billy Billy is now adopted! 
Roxy Roxy is now adopted! 
CheeChee CheeChee is now adopted! 
Barley Barley is now adopted! 
Monkey Monkey is now adopted! 
Oreo Oreo is now adopted! 
Roo Roo is now adopted! 
Nala Nala is now adopted! 
Snoopy Snoopy is now adopted! 
Magic Magic is now adopted! 
Fi-Fi Fi-Fi is now adopted! 
Mister Mister is now adopted! 
Enzo Enzo is now adopted! 
Josie Josie is now adopted! 
Jewel Jewel is now adopted! 
Julius Julius is now adopted! 
Jasper Jasper is now adopted! 
Jenga Jenga is now adopted! 
Jangles Jangles is now adopted! 
Jitterbug Jitterbug is now adopted! 
Linux and Lucy Linus and Lucy are now adopted! 
Haylie Haylie is now adopted! 
Claire Claire is now adopted! 
Beau Beau is now adopted! 
Pinky Pinky is now adopted! 
Diego Diego is now adopted! 
Jo-Jo Jo-Jo is now adopted! 
Domino Domino is now adopted! 
Nikki Nikki is now adopted! 
Mandy Mandy was such a great houseguest in her foster home that her foster parents immediately decided to adopt her!  She now joins another of The Ark's adopted cats (Evan, now known as Ivan) and how happy they all are!
Cosmo Cosmo is no longer wondering what happened to his previous life.  He has found paradise in the arms of a little girl and her mommy and daddy.  Life is good!
Scout Scout now has the home he could only dream about.  He has other dogs to play with and two very loving and devoted humans at his service.  Ahh, life is good!
Maddy Maddy is living the life of royalty with her new forever family.  She lived for a very long time in a cage and now really enjoys the comforts of a real home. 
Simba Simba is so happy in his forever home!   Everyday he awakes with a new idea how to celebrate! 
Mitchell Mitchell is a talker and he finally found the perfect home where he can have long discussions about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.  
Triton Triton found his soul mate.  He has a wonderful family now, with a mom who is retired and who loves "the bigger dogs."  When The Ark did its home check, Triton immediately went and laid down in front of one of the living-room recliners to watch television — it turns out that this was his new mom's chair and exactly where she hoped he would spend most of his time!
Jazz Jazz has finally found the home he's been seeking for such a long time.  It must be true that good things come to those who wait!
Elvis Elvis is in the loving embrace of his forever home.  Never again will he be neglected or forgotten. 
Shane Shane is now adopted!
Cassie Cassie turned on the charm and won over her new mom in the blink of an eye!  She's pretty good at getting what she wants!
Kobe Lucy Girl needed lots of time, patience and love - all of which she found in her new forever home!  She is definitely worth it!
Kobe Kobe is learning to be a family member, a running partner and a lifelong companion!  Way to show that side of your personality, Kobe.  After all, you were named after a champion!
Paco Paco is the center of attention in his new home.  He is so entertaining that it's hard not to be front and center.
Latte Latte is cuddling up in his new home!  Remind us again who loves who the most?
Maverick Maverick, now Charlie, is with a wonderful young family.  Charlie is the center of attention with kids to dote on him and a mom that spends her day cuddling with him.
Kodi Kodi, in his soft quiet way, is now the rock that his new canine family, as well as human family, can always count on. 
Cookie Cookie is happy to be the lap dog she has always envisioned and that's right where her new forever mom wants her to be.  It's a great match!
Sabrina Sabrina, along with Matthew (below), went to a great family with 3 young children to keep the kittens busy.  When these littermates first arrived in their new home, their first mission was to investigate the Christmas tree!
Matthew Matthew, along with Sabrina (above), went to a great family with 3 young children to keep the kittens busy.  When these littermates first arrived in their new home, their first mission was to investigate the Christmas tree!
Sarge Sarge came to the "attention"  of his new forever mom.  His new assignment is paradise indeed!  Not too shabby for an older guy who still has lots of charm, beauty and is oh so very sweet.
Prince Prince  is living the life of royalty, as he should.  His servants are not complaining at all, however.  Life is just as it should be in Prince's world!
Sugar Sugar is the center of attention in her new forever family — look at her, all nestled in and enjoying her very own "sweet spot"!
Panda Panda, our happy little 4-year-old Pomeranian boy, is at home with his new people.  They wrote The Ark to tell us "Panda is truly an incredible dog!" and "He has been a wonderful addition to our family."
Lance Lance, a 5 year old male Beagle mix, is now home at last!  We knew it wouldn't take long for someone to discover this little love bug.
Hershey Hershey  is now with a family who loves, loves, loves those Hershey kisses!  It's a good thing because you can't have just one!
Blue Blue  has found heaven on earth in his new home.  Lots of room to run, lots of dogs to play with and a big pool to top it off.  Ahhhhhh!
Taylor Taylor, you did it!  After being with The Ark for more than a year, this big 100-pound black Mastiff-mix girl finally found her forever home!  It came complete with two doggie friends, a 1-acre back yard for running really fast, several soft dog beds for sleeping really hard, and a compassionate human companion to really love.  Good for you, Taylor!  Good for you. 
Cali Cali fell head over paws in love when she first saw her new guardian — or was it the other way around?  Either way, it was the perfect match and now everyone is living the happy ending Cali dreamed of!
Milo Milo, our unassuming little Schnoodle, kept us smiling with his very own blog that humorously chronicled his foster home insights and adventures.  Now he's making his new forever family smile.  Here's wishing you many happy years ahead filled with lots of car rides, little Milo!
Cricket Cricket (he got the name because he's "cute as a bug") made the hop from his loving foster home right into his loving forever home.  His little tail wags and wags — now THAT'S a happy ending!
Oreo Louisey (shown on the right in this picture) has it all now: 2 doggy best friends, kids, adults, toys, and a loving home.  Here's what her new family says: "The kids have officially named her 'Lu Lu Rosie Pop'!  She has adjusted very well and has blended right in with our family.  Everyday she puts a smile on our faces as she wags her tail and brings us, yet another ball.  Lu Lu LOVES balls!  ...  We feel blessed to have this special dog as part of our family."
Cosmo Cosmo's long-time foster parents have now adopted him!  His foster dad wrote The Ark to say:  "He has truly become a member of our family and it would break my heart and his to hand him over to another family.  So we are requesting you remove his name from the foster list and let everyone know that our boy has officially found his home, although he knew this 7 months ago.  Thank you all for everything you did in saving this wonderful dog's life and giving him the chance to grow into a wonderful animal who has learned how to be a dog again, and more importantly, how to be a part of a pack, both human and canine."  Well said!
Sadie Sadie could not be happier that The Ark helped her get back home again!  This darling little girl nearly jumped out of our handler's arms to get over to Daisy, her adoptive family's young daughter.  She covered Daisy's face in kisses while every part of her body was wiggling.  Then she greeted their big Shepherd boy with kisses to his muzzle and toes.  Finally she jumped to Daisy's lap, turned around a couple of times, then sat facing our handler with a look on her face that said "You're dismissed."  She is truly happy.
Charlie Charlie is truly "home again".  His family did not know where to turn when he was lost about a month before.  After seeing his picture on one of The Ark's flyers, they worked hard to convince us they would provide for him for the rest of his days.  Charlie, whose rightful name is "Fox", showed his gratitude by dancing and lovingly greeting all the members of the family.  He is just so happy to be back with the ones he loves.
Diablo Diablo met his new family through one of his Camp Bow Wow counselors.  He now has a dog buddy, 3 new cat friends and lots of people around to love him.  He will be very much a part of the family, including going along on camping vacations in their motor home.
Oscar Oscar's new family saw his potential while watching him interact with his foster mom.  They saw that spark and just knew he would give back as much love as they could possibly give him.  Soon after the adoption, they wrote The Ark to say that Oscar (now called Oliver): "...is doing AWESOME in his new home.  I've never seen a happier dog.  :)  He has adjusted very well, given all the change he's been through in the last few weeks."
Evan Evan's handsome face and talkative nature thoroughly charmed one of our volunteers.  Adopted and renamed 'Ivan', this suave Tuxedo cat now spends his days with Gypsy, his newfound feline girlfriend.
Indy Indy met his new BFF (Best Friend Forever) at one of our Adoption Events.  The two of them have been inseparable ever since!
Nick Nick made it official!  He had been staying with one of The Ark's foster families for a long, long time.  They came to realize something that Nick probably already knew — this loving home needed him permanently.  Congratulations, Nick!
Leyla Leyla did it!  She picked out her person at one of our July adoption events, curled up in his lap, got him to fill out an adoption application, and now she's happy in his home.  Way to go little girl!
Quixote Quixote, our orange-and-white tabby cat with extra toes AND personality, has settled right in to his new home.  Here's what his new family had to say: "Thank you ... for providing us with the missing piece to our family.  After one week we already love him dearly and can feel that he reciprocates the love 100%."
Newman Redford Newman & Redford came to us as a bonded pair of one year old, neutered male bunnies.  Not wishing to split hares, The Ark saw to it that they got adopted out together.  Now they can continue to snuggle and groom each other in their new home!
Hercules Hercules, now much bigger than this petite puppy picture, has gotten a great start in life.  He is cute, playful and full of the dickens.  Watch out for the flowers!  He and his adoptive family joined a dog group that will keep them all busy with lots of activities.
Cooper Cooper is the center of attention in his new home.  With a stay-at-home Dad and a doting Mom, he has kitties and grandkids to play with and even an exotic bird that loves to converse.  How is he going to find the time to keep up with all this attention? 
Casper Casper fell in love with his adoptive family at first sight &mdash or was it the other way around?  He now walks with his head held high and even seems to have a dance in his step.
Henri Henri found a very loving home complete with adoring neighbors who come to visit him regularly.  Bien fait petit chien!
Stella Stella's home!
Ralphie Ralphie didn't have to go very far to find his forever home.  The foster family just couldn't imagine life without this little man, so he gets to stay right where he is.  Happiness all around!
Coco Coco is in Springer heaven!  He now has a family who jogs with him and takes him on wonderful outings.   What a great life for an active dog.  Can life get any better?
Apollo Apollo has gone from being a scared, mistrusting kitty to being a sweet lover boy.  His antics are so entertaining that we have a term for his shenanigans . . . Apollo Theater! 
Bing Bing finally got what he wanted all along, his foster mom.  At times it seemed that the whole universe was trying to make it happen, even Bing.  We couldn't help but notice the little extra bounce in his step as he walked away with his forever mom!  Live long and happy you two, this was meant to be.
Penny Penny got to go to a new home with Nellie!  Wow, a new loving family AND her best buddy . . . It just doesn't get much better!
Ella Ella's addition to this family was exactly what they needed.  She is reaping the benefits of being the only child in this family!
Nellie Nellie, now Stella is in heaven at her new forever home.  She is not only the center of attention with her family but has the love of the whole neighborhood.  Neighbors came to welcome her to her new home and Stella has invited them to come by anytime.
Odie Odie (now Max) is so happy in his new forever home.  He is playing and cuddling with his little Jack Russell sister and soaking up lots of love from mom and dad. 
Merry Merry is living up to her name.  It's like Christmas now that Merry has become a new family member in her forever home!
Kramer Kramer is home.  As this picture of Kramer in his new forever home depicts, the love is mutual.
Nikki Nikki was in her foster home for a very long time but it was known from the beginning that is where she belonged.  Sometimes it is just meant to be — after all isn't it they who choose us?
Cami Cami, the escape artist, has no reason to run away any more.  She is as much in love with her new family as they are with her.  Apparently, this is what she was looking for all along!

Interested in Cami's exploits?  Click here to see her story in this Orange County Register article...
Julian Julian has found himself in kitty heaven.  A mom who loves him like crazy and another cat to tease, tantalize and tempt with all of his antics!
Kevin Kevin has recovered nicely from his hip surgery and is now happy in his new forever home.  It's been a long haul, but, oh so worth it. 
Faith Faith is one very happy girl in her new forever home!  She is the center of attention and her only concern now is trying to figure out who to cuddle with the most . . . mom or dad!
Cali Cali frequently went to her foster Mom's workplace.  One day, she met a very nice woman there who had come by to visit.  Cali, who was always a little reserved when meeting new people, immediately jumped into this woman's lap as soon as she sat down.  Cali then looked up with her soulful big brown eyes and that's all it took.  Adopted!
Austin Austin is now living and playing to his heart's content with other Aussies!

Pup! Pup! Hurray! - - All of our December puppies have been placed in wonderful loving homes!
Here they are, in no particular order...

Donner Donner
Blitzen Blitzen
Comet Comet
Dancer Dancer
Prancer Prancer
Gracie Gracie
George George

George says:
"Don't forget about
Dasher & Vixen!"
(shown below)

Elton Elton has a gift for his new family!  His entertaining antics will fill his new forever home with smiles and giggles!
Minnie Minnie is the perfect example of the guest who stayed too long.  In this case her foster family just couldn't find someone good enough for their little girl.  So the obvious solution was to make her . . . their little girl!  Done!
Dasher Dasher's new home is jumping for joy with the addition of a wonderful new puppy!  He will also get to have play dates with his sister, Vixen!  Aaaah, life is good.
Vixen Vixen is off to her brand new home.  It will be hard to leave her 8 brothers and sisters, but a wonderful long happy life is in store for this beauty.
Echo Echo found a home with not only a lap from mom and dad but a great big canine brother to play with and boss around.
Sugar Sugar is sweet and so is her new home.  Sugar found a wonderful loving family who gives back all the love she gives out.  Nice exchange policy!
Mayflower Mayflower went from being a quiet little wall flower to a playful little lover who talks and talks to her new forever mom.  All she needed was a loving home to show off what she's really made of!
Kitt Kitt is now living the life on an island in British Columbia!  She never has to wear a leash and can run and play to her heart's content with her new human and canine family!  This is The Ark's first international adoption!  We will miss you sweet girl, perhaps we can come to visit your island paradise someday, eh?
Fiona Fiona is such a lucky girl.  She has found a wonderful loving human companion who professes that he needs her as much as she needs him.  She'll have the freedom to just be herself, which we know will be days of spunky play, long naps and nice walks along the duck pond.  Way to go little one!
Alexander Alexander found his home for the Holidays AND forever after.  His new family includes a kitten that will give little Alex all the exercise he needs -- after which Mom and Dad are always ready to cuddle him when he needs a rest.
Clyde Clyde is famous for being on the front page of a local newspaper in a feature story about The Ark,  But that's not really what he cares about.  Instead, he has found true harmony now that he has become a well-loved member of a very musical family.
Tanya Tanya is where she should have been all along . . . it was just meant to be.  Now she can call her foster family her very own.  She even has a job to do every morning.  She has assigned herself the wake-up dog in order to get her favorite person off to school on time.
Cole Cole is now running and playing in his wonderful new home.  If he could he would say "meowy thanks" to The Ark for finding him a happy home!
Jenny Jenny found a home with two other Jindos and a great mom and dad.  Jenny needed a family who would help build her trust in people again, and who also understands a Jindo's unique nature . . . she found them.  Way to go little one!
Dash Dash darted right into the heart of her new mom.  She's going to a home with lots of love, and an adjoining cattery filled with great cat toys as well as a cat walk!
Ramon Ramon has found a home with other dogs to love, people with laps AND and an ocean view.  Sounds like heaven!
Hope Hope is so busy running and playing with her two new human playmates - a boy and a girl - that she barely takes time to eat or sleep.  Who knew?
Diego Diego managed to get Christmas early this year.  He got everything he's been wishing for.  A great mom and dad AND a kid.  There just may be a Santa or maybe it was The Ark!
Linus Fennel Linus and Fennel found their new forever home and are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to stay together.  After all, it's double the love!
Cubby Sheba Cubby & Sheba came to The Ark at 2 days old -- their eyes weren't even open yet!  They were lovingly taken care of by a wonderful foster mom.  She brought them through a rough beginning and has now added them to her family forever. 
Petey Petey was discovered by his new family quite unexpectedly at one of The Ark's adoption events.  Oh, what a lucky day for Petey, and a happy one for his new people, too!
Tanner's Family Tanner is now living large with a wonderful family that has lovingly integrated him into their active life.  He has so much love to give and they have welcomed and embraced him with open arms.
Soukey Soukey, now Snoopy, is happy in her new loving forever home.  She has the love of the whole family and she is grateful to return every bit she receives.
Zelda Zelda is now Zoe.  Her search for love everlasting has come to fruition!  She now has her own little "Chug" fan club!  She is not only basking in the love of the humans but enjoys the admiration of Annie, a beautiful yellow Lab!  Ahhh, life is good! 
Dixie Dixie is home at last!  It was only a matter of time before that little pixie face would make an impression on someone's heart!
Rudy Rudy our darling boy has finally found his forever home.  He will bring many smiles to his new family just as he did with his family here at The Ark. 
Canelo Canelo found true love and happiness in his new forever home.  But we think that goes both ways between Canelo and his new family.
Cocoa Cocoa is now at her new home with a big brother (German Shepherd) and a pool where they can swim or lounge by the poolside to their hearts' content.  
Mabel Mabel, now Bisket, is the center of her young owner's life.  She will have a home with several family members but her true caregiver and companion is 14 years old!  What a wonderfully responsible young lady and how lucky little Bisket is.
Chloe Chloe's sweet personality was just too much for her new mom to resist.  Now she is a part of a loving home that will tend to her every need and want.  Happy days, sweet one, you deserve it!
Lacey Lacey is in a new forever home that has everything this little girl could dream of.  Children to play with, a large lovable Labrador and a big back yard full of adventure and exploring.  Aaahhh, gone are the scary days of yore.
Cheech Chong For Cheech and Chong, it was love at first sight!  The young parents considering a pet for their daughter are so glad they came to our pet store adoption event and met these two boys!  One storewide shopping spree later, Cheech and Chong are now set for life with wonderful toys and lots of love.
Lulu Lulu found a family to hold her and tickle her belly as long as she wants.  It was a tall order but The Ark came through again for one of our favorite little girls!
Joey Joey couldn't be happier in his new home.  He now has two little dogs to play with and boy to cuddle when it's nap time.
Dino Dino -- our happy little clown boy -- found a great home that will nurture his comedic personality.  Who knows ... we may see him on a talent show some day!!
Maurice Maurice, a beautiful Rosella Parakeet, flew into the heart of his new forever mom,  where he'll be admired for many years to come.
Mickey Mickey, ever the lover, found his match in his new forever home where lovin' and purrin' can be heard any time of day or night.  He was passed over by all other rescues because he is FIV+.  He found solace aboard The Ark and the rest is history.  Lucky boy!
Charlotte Charlotte squirmed her cute little kitten self right into the heart of a child.  How could mom and dad say no to that!
Dakota Dakota the handsome Belgian mix has finally found a wonderful home where his intelligence will be nurtured and his wonderful self loved.   Recognizing  that Dakota had great potential, The Ark invested considerable time and money for extended training to ready this most deserving boy for his perfect forever home!
Liza Liza has had a very eventful first year of life.  She arrived at The Ark in March 2009 and within a few weeks gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens.  Her foster family made it very clear that they would make her feel at home until she found her forever home.  Well . . . apparently she has been in her forever home all along!  Tee-hee!
Sonya Sonya won the heart of her new mom with just one look at that precious little face.   Now, the two of them are inseparable . . . and that's the way they like it!
Myrtle and Max Myrtle, a large Red-Eared Slider Turtle, has found her forever home -- a large backyard with 5 koi ponds and her very own sunning rock in the middle of one of them!  She also has a new friend, Max the duck.  It just doesn't get much better than this!
Marley Marley has left the horrors of his past behind and is now the center of his new family's world . . . just as it should be!  Marley, your family here at The Ark will never forget what an extraordinary boy you are.  Live long and happy sweet boy!
Maizie Maizie is lovin' life with more of her kind in her new home!
Claus Claus, now known as Lucky, hit the jackpot!  He not only won a new loving home but he is close to his foster family, so everybody is happy!
Mopsy Mopsy has found her villa by the sea!  Her new mom and dad couldn't be happier and Mopsy has been seen doing a little happy dance as well!
Kane Kane, at long last, is in his forever home.  Through all of the pain and stress you remained a happy positive boy.  Now those days are behind you! 
Clapton Clyde, one of Liza's babies, is moving on to his forever home.  Live long and happy big boy!
Cher Cher, another one of Liza's babies, is moving on to her forever home.  Have a long wonderful life sweet angel!
April April, now Ava, is in her wonderful forever home!  She has everything and more she could have wished for including a fabulous outdoor living room, a big yard and all the love she can consume.
Nolan Nolan is now the center of attention and no longer banned to the backyard!  The only back he's getting these days is in the back seat for car rides and laying on his back to get his belly rubbed.  Then it's up and at 'em for toys and play and lovin'!  Geesh, what a life!
Daisy Daisy has landed in Nirvana!  Her days of suffering are a distant memory now.  She has everything and more a little girl could ever want or even imagine!  Welcome home little one!
Phoebe Phoebe turned her big "bat" ears in the direction of her foster mom and it's been love ever since. 
Lily Lily hopped right into her foster home, wiggled her cute little nose and that's all it took!  She is now preparing for her Spring wedding!  Check back for the wedding details!
Titi Puka, now known as Tito, is doing a little Mexican Hat Dance in his new home!  Maybe for the first time in his life, Tito's days are full of fun and games!
Henry Henry's foster mom just couldn't bear the thought of him going home with anyone else.  Another happy boy in his forever home!
Shadow Shadow's new forever Dad fell hopelessly in love with him the moment he laid eyes on him.  Can you blame him?
Allie Allie never made it out of her foster home . . . we just love those foster homes that fall in love.  This grand ol' Dane is living life to its fullest with lots of room to run around.
Rusty Rusty is now with a wonderful family and he even has a cat buddy!  We're wondering who is happier, Rusty or his family!  What a great fit!
Tex Tex won over his foster family and is now a full fledged member.  Welcome home big boy!  Your new forever family is lucky indeed.
Sienna Sienna stole the hearts of her foster family and the rest is history.   Another foster story with a happy ending!
Wiley Our 3-legged Wylie has brought his forever family so much love and joy, that they just can't imagine how they ever got along without him.
Harley Happy days are here for Harley!  He has found a home where he can be the active intelligent boy he always wanted to be!
Noah  This handsome boy was our first adoption, so we thought it was only fitting that he be named "Noah"!
Sarah Sarah's dreams of a loving family, another dog to play with AND several acres to run in, came true for this most deserving girl!
Andre family  Andre, who was within moments of being euthanized at the OC Shelter, is now with a family who treats him with absolute love and respect.  He is truly living the life that all animals deserve the chance to have.
Churro Just look into little Churro's face and you too will feel the love that his forever family gets every day.
Patches What a great life for a rabbit!  Patches gets to go for a walk every day in his harness and then come home to lots of food, toys and love, love, love.
Rocky and Sheilagh  Everyone tells Rocky's forever mom how lucky she is to have such a great dog.  We think Rocky got the better end of the deal!
Zeke Zeke came from a life tied up on the side of a house to a home with 2 moms who lavish him with all things good.  Look at that face -- we think he hit paydirt!
Dallas Little Dallas was miserable from his overgrown coat full of burrs and stickers.  Now, with his new haircut and super sweet personality, he's busy cuddling and kissing his new family.
Max Thank you Max for your happy disposition!  You were the star at several adoption events.  Now, your star shines brightly in your new loving home.
TinkerBell Tinker Bell (now "Ziggy") was exactly what her new mom wanted for her birthday.  Every day they each discover new and wonderful things about each other.  We wish them both many happy birthdays together!
Chester Chester the bunny landed a cushy position as the very much loved companion of a wonder woman who is a vet tech also involved with bunny rescue!
Tootsie Tootsie is gleefully clucking and scratching with her new best friend . . . a duck!  She's returning the favor of a wonderful home with lots of fresh eggs. 
McKenzie McKenzie did it!  She cuddled with her foster family until they just had to make her their own.  Way to go McKenzie! 
Mackie Mackie may have broken the "foster failure" record when his foster home fell in love and adopted him within 72 hours.  Just look at that face . . . can you blame them?
Bella Bella wanted a job to do and now she is the center of attention as she accompanies her new Dad to work everyday! 
Reggie Reggie's outgoing style won the hearts of a family with enough people and energy to keep up with him.  Reggie thinks life is pretty good now.
Fabio Fabio's recovery from mange and cherry eye allowed the world to see just how handsome he is.  Fabio (now Jack) has the perfect family to give him all the love and attention a super model deserves.
Luke Luke has found the perfect home for a Husky mix who loves to run.
Quinlan Quinlan used up several lives when he was hit by a car and ended up as a three-legged kitty, but now he thinks he's in heaven with his new family.  This ultra sweet kitty is looking forward to a long happy life
Rosa Sweet, quiet Rosa is paying forward all her love to the wonderful people who have added her to their family.
roxie Roxie found everything she could ever imagine in her new forever home.  She has another little dog and two little girls to play with.  Never a dull moment!
Chance Sweet little Chance is a survivor and has gotten a new lease on life with his wonderful new family.  He even has an older dog to guide him through his puppyhood.  Good times are ahead for this little love-bug!
Mickey  Jake has found his forever home with several other animals who think he's the best thing since stuffed Kongs! 
Big Red Frenchie lost his first mom but he has gained double the love with a mom AND a dad who love him very much.  Nous t'aimons, Frenchie!
Robbie Hans, now known as Robbie, finally found the wonderful home that he thought only existed in his dreams.  He is now living his dream!
Rhett Rhett, now known as Buddy, has found his paradise!  We're not sure who fell in love with who first.  The important thing is that the love is mutual.  Buddy is thriving in his new forever home and so is his new mom.
Teddy Teddy is now home, at last!  He is the "Teddy Bear" to his new family that he's always wanted to be.  He has children to cuddle up with as well as another cat and dog.  Aaaaah, life is good!